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Bonding (Adhesion)

Adhering or ‘sticking’ tooth-coloured fillings or crowns or veneers to the tooth surface with special dental adhesives.

Bonding (Composite Resin)

Process by which enamel-like resin is bonded to a tooth's surface, sculpted to an ideal shape, hardened, and then polished for an ideal smile. Also used for repairing chipped or cracked teeth


For chipped or cracked teeth, bonding is a process in which an enamel-like material is applied to a tooth's surface, sculpted into shape, hardened, and then polished for an ideal smile.


Usually refers to a fixed dental appliance which replaces lost or missing teeth.

Composite Resin

Tooth-coloured filling material made of resin reinforced with silica or porcelain particles.

Cosmetic Contouring

Reshaping the natural teeth to make them straighter or more youthful in appearance.

Cosmetic Dentistry

The field of dentistry dedicated to the art and science of enhancing a person's smile, overall appearance, and oral health.


A cap, cover, or restoration to replace the missing portion of a tooth. (This procedure can also correct general bite with individual teeth or replace missing teeth.)


The layer of tooth structure under the enamel.


The space between two teeth, usually refers to the gap between the two upper front teeth


The hard, white outer layer of the tooth that covers and protects the dentin.

Fixed Bridge

A fixed dental appliance (used to replace a missing tooth/teeth) cemented or bonded to adjacent teeth which have been prepared to provide anchor supports.


Gum tissue

High Lipline

Where the widest smile exposes all of the upper teeth and the gum tissue.


The central or lateral front teeth with cutting edges (4 upper and 4 lower).


A porcelain, resin, or gold filling (made to fit a prepared cavity) cemented or bonded in place to help restore a decayed or broken tooth.


An alternative to dentures or a bridge, implants are a stronger, implants are a stronger, more attractive option for replacing missing or lost teeth. An anchor is placed in the patient's jaw, and a life-like ceramic restoration is built around it and matched to the tooth colour.

Laminate Veneer

A thin porcelain or resin shell that is bonded to the enamel of front teeth.


The process of applying a thin porcelain or composite resin veneer to a tooth.

Low Lipline

Where the widest smile barely reveals the bottom edges of the upper front teeth.


A bad bite caused by incorrect positions of the upper or lower teeth.

Maryland Bridge

A fixed dental appliance (used to replace a missing tooth) cemented or bonded to adjacent teeth which have either had no or very minimal preparation.


An imaginary vertical line that divides the face into equal parts.


OrthoPantomoGram or Pan X-ray is an x-ray that shows a panoramic view of your teeth and jaws.


A porcelain, resin, or gold filling that protects a tooth by covering the chewing surface.

Partial Denture (Bridge)

A removable dental appliance that replaces missing natural teeth.


A ceramic, tooth-coloured material that fuses at high temperatures to form a hard, enamel-like substance.

Posterior Bonded-Composite

Tooth coloured (note spelling of coloured) fillings used primarily for back teeth.


Tooth-coloured fillings primarily used for back teeth.

Resin-bonded Bridge

A thin metal or glass fibre-reinforced bridge which requires slight or no reduction of anchor teeth.

Rubber Dam

A thin rubber sheet applied to teeth to control moisture during dental procedures.

Veneers (Porcelain or Composite)

An increasingly popular procedure, veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made laminates that are fixed directly to the teeth. They are a great option for closing gaps, straightening crowding or disguising discoloured teeth.

Walking Bleach

A method used to lighten a tooth that has darkened after root canal treatment.

Whitening (bleaching)

The process of brightening stained, discolored, or dull teeth.



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